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★★★ commission prices ★★★

★★★ all prices are in usd! ★★★

🧱 base variants 🧱





full body



add outline

you will receive one version as default and one with an outline.


Add dither

You will receive one version as default and one with dithering.


Flat version
You will receive one version as default and one with a flatter look


Stylizations may stack! For example, you can order one that is dithered with an outline, or order a dithered and outlined version separately.

🐻🦊Additional Characters🦊🐻

+1 character

Headshot/bust - +$6

Full body - +$9

Each additional character

Headshot/bust - +$5

Full body - +$8

Characters touching/overlapping


Per character


Simple gradient




(i.e. scenery, setting, detailed abstract, etc)

Depending on complexity


Minor accessory
(i.e. drink, phone, backpack, etc)


Large accessory
(i.e. swords, axes, flags, etc)




Depending on complexity of pose while seated

🗒️Additional Info📑

  • Really, really detailed characters/requests may incur an additional charge tacked on to the price.
  • I will include the .svg file of your commission on request!
  • SFW ONLY! I don't do NSFW under any circumstances.
  • I prefer to do all communication about the commission over Discord, but if you don't have one that's fine.
  • Don't be afraid to ask if I can do or include something, I'm willing to see what I can do, but I can't guarantee anything.